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Developing a beautiful and attractive persona with a beautiful, youthful face and body is not just a dream. dr. Aida believes in helping her patients convert their dreams to reality. In dr. Aida’s mind physical beauty and a healthy body are indivisible and achievable.


Dr. Aida has always taken the holistic approach of treating beauty as one aspect of a healthy vibrant body. She gained her Master’s in Anti-Aging Medicine from Udayana University graduating Cum-Laude.


Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic is her second home, a place where she can work with and help people discover their real need and connect these to their true nature. With her caring personality, her eye for detail and her unique insight, dr. Aida has helped many patients over the years.


She aspires to help her patients open the doors of opportunity and maximize their potential in life.


ACHIEVEMENTS dr. Silvia as Aesthetic Specialist

Menerima pelatihan khusus dan kegiatan-kegiatan akademis seperti :

  • Zeltiq CoolSculpting™ University di Bangkok, Thailand (26 Mei 2017)

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