dr. Deviana Darmawan


Every individual is special which is why dr. Devi feels very strongly that each individual can find their unique look and bring this out in a natural way without over-doing it and staying true to themselves.


dr. Devi has honed her scientific and aesthetic skills because of her love of the beauty and balance of life.


A graduate of Universitas Kristen Indonesia, dr. Devi has strengthened Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic (JAC’s) team by calling anybody who wants to enhance their physical attractiveness and increase their self confidence.


dr. Devi’s consultation sessions are enjoyable moments where she learns about the patient ‘s deepest needs. It becomes an intimate experience as the patient goes through the process.


dr. Devi has a tremendous desire to achieve optimal results by paying great attention to details and subtle differences in each individual, adding happiness to the patient’s life.


dr. Devi is officially a  CoolSculpting™ Specialist from Zeltiq CoolSculpting™ University on May 26, 2017.
Attended educational aesthetic training and academic activities as follows :

  • Zeltiq CoolSculpting™ University in Bangkok, Thailand (May 26, 2017)

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