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Get Rid Of Your Skin Problems By Having Healthy Skin And Build Your Confidence

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Skin Problem, Everybody’s Problem

Do you believe that to be clean is to be beauty?

Young or old, man or woman we all have to face acne and black flecks on our face. Stress and hormones are often scapegoated as the cause for the never-ending treatment endured.

Don’t feel cornered by a problem or treatment without a clear solution.

Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic (JAC) wishes to help effectively and efficiently rid your face of acne and black flecking once again.

UV rays make untreated skin age twice as fast as treated skin (source: Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology 2019).

Take Care of Your Skin Problem by Getting the Right and Complete Treatment at JAC

Unlike some other half-hearted treatments JAC provides both robust and popular outward treatment such as the Blackhead Peel and treatments that go deeper such as the Anti-Oxidant Infusion and Growth Factors procedure. Once completed these treatments offer clean, radiant and beautiful results for your entire body’s skin. Practical and safe.

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